Navigating a clear course toward your financial security.

Who We Are

Employees of Bearing Point Wealth Partners come from various educational and experiential backgrounds.  Besides providing our clients with a concierge level of service, we are also parents and grandparents, volunteers for non-profit entities, and actively involved citizens in our communities. We draw on these experiences to provide our clients a deeper understanding of financial matters at each stage of life and in each unique situation. In other words, we practice what we preach to our clients: True happiness comes from giving back more to society than we are receiving.

Our employees are held to these high standards of conduct:

We use state-of-the-art technology to support our clients’ needs and to communicate effectively and frequently with our clients.

Navigating a Clear Course

Our logo is a sextant, a device long-used by merchant mariners to navigate the seas.  Establishing a fix using a sextant requires skill.  The celestial bodies need to be clearly identified, a good horizon must be visible, and an accurate timepiece must be available.  Using a sextant, the altitude of a star, a planet, the moon, or the sun is measured and the precise time is noted.  Ideally, three altitude measurements of different celestial bodes are taken.  The observations are then plotted to establish a fix.  Knowing the ship’s accurate position, a course may be set for the destination.

The sextant symbolizes the long-term nature of our financial planning work.  We need to get a fix on where you are today (your net worth statement), we learn about your goals (the destination) and we chart a course to get you there (a cash flow statement that includes income, savings and expense components).  As the journey progresses, we help you with mid-course corrections to counter currents that take you off course.

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