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July 6, 2014: Top Questions Asked Just Before Retirement, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

July 20, 2014: Halftime Report: Markets Continue to Reward Investors, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 3, 2014: What You Should Know About Cash Balance Plans, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 17, 2014: Is Your 401(k) Enough to Retire on? by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

August 31, 2014: When Rates Rise: Bonds or Bond Funds? by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 14, 2014: Social Security Benefits Reduces for Many Public Employees, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

September 27, 2014: Money Talk: IRS Clarifies Rules for After-Tax 401(k) Rollovers, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 11, 2014: Money Talk: Tapping Tradditional IRA Early Without Penalties, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

October 25, 2014: Money Talk: Using 72(t) to Avoid Tax Penalties, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 8, 2014: Money Talk: Social Security Benefits for Children, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

November 29, 2014: Money Talk: Year-End Tax Saving Moves, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 13, 2014: Money Talk: How Work Impacts Social Security Benefits, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

December 27, 2014: Money Talk: Start Your 2015 Financial Planning Checklist, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

January 10, 2015: Money Talk: Health Law Brings New Forms, Taxes and Credits, by David T. Mayes, EA, CFP(R)

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